Pioneering Pharmacoeccrinology

Eccrine Systems is working to provide personal drug response profiles for use by prescribers.

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Our foremost efforts involve the development of non-invasive wearable biosensors that enable derivation of personal drug response profiles based on changing drug and biomarker levels in locally stimulated sweat.

The emergent field of pharmacoeccrinology goes beyond pharmacogenetic predictions to actually knowing the drug response of each patient after a drug is administered.

About Sweat

Sweat derived from eccrine glands in human skin contains valuable information about physiological performance and dysfunction. Sweat holds great promise as the best non-invasive source for real-time trending and analysis of molecular biomarkers that can be directly correlated with blood biomarkers, and other gold standard references, and translated into meaningful results and actionable information.

Tracking Accuracy


The ability to monitor sweat biomarkers with chronological accuracy is the key to attaining market-enabling improvements in the predictive value of non-invasive wearables data -- across a wide spectrum of applications for medicine, industry, and sport.

Realizing the Promise


Serious applications for medicine, industry, and sport demand analytical accuracy and market-enabling predictive values that have been validated in on-body studies. Multiple biotechnology challenges must be overcome to improve the actionable value of sweat molecular data:

  • Biosensor specificity, sensitivity, stability, and longevity

  • Controlling for variability in sweat rate

  • Sweat stimulation during periods of low availability

  • Minimizing the influence of external factors

  • Statistically valid correlations to systemic physiological function and dysfunction




Our modular Sweatronics® platform has been designed to maximize the reuse and integration of proven materials and components, while enabling the rapid innovation and customization of specialized sweat sensor systems for a wide array of medical, industrial, and sport applications.



We have exclusively licensed, and continue to expand, a pioneering IP portfolio that encompasses the design, function, and use of advanced sweat sensor technologies across a broad spectrum of applications.





We establish collaborative relationships with partners who have deep understanding of one or more vertical market opportunities and the capability to deploy our Sweatronics® technology within high value applications.

Our upstream role in such collaborations is the innovation, development, and manufacturing of application-specific sweat sensing systems underpinned by our IP portfolio and modular Sweatronics platform. Our partners are responsible for the downstream activities necessary for achieving successful market entry and subsequent scalable distribution.


The Company

Eccrine Systems, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to improving health, safety, and productivity through the innovation and development of advanced sweat sensor technologies.

The Cincinnati-based company was founded in 2013 to commercialize technology and intellectual property that was exclusively licensed from the University of Cincinnati, and is funded with the support of CincyTech and an expanding network of local, regional and national investment sources.

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