Congratulations to Eccrine CSO, Jason Heikenfeld, on his 2017 Technology Commercialization Award!

October 16, 2017

By: Ashley Duvelius, University of Cincinnati

Jason Heikenfeld, PhD and University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems, has been honored with the second-annual Technology Commercialization Award from the Ohio Faculty Council. Heikenfeld is recognized for his ingenious biosensors that stimulate sweat even while a patient is cool and resting. 

“This award aligns with something I have always been deeply passionate about, commercialization of university innovation,” Heikenfeld said. “Even years ago in my PhD dissertation, I built a manufacturing cost model into the last chapter. I have found that this outward focus on how innovation can impact society and commerce has made me more effective in every aspect of faculty life. It even changed the way I teach by reaching deeper into understanding what the needs really are on the client (student) side as well. I'm thrilled to now be assistant vice president for commercialization at UC, where I hope more faculty, staff and students can benefit from the same professional growth that I have experienced due to the external engagement that commercialization requires.”

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