Eccrine Systems Mentioned Among 50 Most Promising Startups You've Never Heard Of

These Are the 50 Most Promising Startups You’ve Never Heard Of

Written by Ellen Huet

There are a few early clues that a startup will be successful, according to market researcher Quid: Have the company’s founders worked together before? Is the business in a hot sector, one where many other new startups are also focusing? Has it raised funding at a quick pace? Based on those criteria and others, Quid looked at more than 50,000 companies and chose 50 it deemed the most promising... Full Article

Sweat Technology: Local startup can mine data from sweat


NORWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) - A local startup says it's unlocked the secret power of sweat.

Eccrine Systems, Inc. is pioneering sweat technology. The company, founded in 2013, has created a way to track certain biomarkers through wearable sensors that monitor a person’s sweat. They can detect whether people are dehydrated, sick, or even if someone's medications aren't working properly. They're also doing studies related to ovulation monitoring and flu detection... Full story.

Eccrine Systems CEO likens much of noninvasive wearables market to early 1900s medicine

Cincinnati-based health tech startup Eccrine Systems has closed a $5.5 million Series A round, according to a news release. The funding will be used to advance its “sweatronics” platform, which uses a noninvasive wearable to measure the chemical makeup of the user’s sweat. The disposable electronic patch is designed to measure electrolytes and stress levels... full article.

Eccrine Systems Closes $5.5M in Series A Financing

Funds will accelerate the development of non-invasive, wearable, sweat sensing systems for use in medicine, industry and sport

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eccrine Systems, Inc., announced today that it has raised $5.5 million in Series A Funding. The company led the round with participation and support from CincyTech Fund IV and other sources within the CincyTech local, regional and national investor community.... full article.

Eccrine Systems is Awarded $3.96M US Air Force Contract

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eccrine Systems, Inc. has been awarded a $3.96 million dollar contract by the United States Air Force Research Laboratory. The award is focused on the development of a next generation, non-invasive sensing system for the monitoring of specific molecular biomarkers in human more.

Eccrine Systems Monitors Health through Sweat

Written by Jerred Ziegler.

Every drop of sweat tells a story about what is happening inside the body. Hydration, nutrition and exposure to toxic chemicals can all be measured – with the right technology. Cincinnati-based Eccrine Systems is an industry leader in sweat sensing systems, and has developed patch technologies that capture and report sweat data in real time.  Read more...

The patch system is essentially an electronic laboratory that is designed to analyze sweat over hours and days,” said Robert Beech, CEO of Eccrine Systems. “The ability to do this without needles or implants will make sweat the easiest way to assess important indicators that tell us about physiological and medical conditions.

Chief Science Officer Publishes 2016 Outlook for Eccrine Sweat Sensing in the international journal, "Electroanalysis."

Despite the many ergonomic advantages of eccrine perspiration (sweat) compared to other possible biofluids (particularly in “wearable” devices), sweat remains an underrepresented source of biomarker analytes compared to the established biofluids blood, urine, and saliva. Upon closer comparison to other non-invasive biofluids, the advantages may even extend beyond ergonomics: sweat might provide superior analyte information. A number of challenges, however, have historically kept sweat from its place in the pantheon of clinical samples. These challenges include very low sample volumes (nL to µL), unknown concentration due to evaporation, filtration and dilution of large analytes, mixing of old and new sweat, and the potential for contamination from the skin surface. More recently, rapid progress in “wearable” sweat sampling and sensing devices has resolved several of the historical challenges. However, this recent progress has also been limited to high concentration analytes (µM to mM) sampled at high sweat rates (>1 nL/min/gland, e.g. athletics). Progress will be much more challenging as sweat biosensing moves towards use with sedentary users (low sweat rates or not sweating at all) and/or towards low concentration analytes (pM to nM). Addressing these unresolved challenges will require significant advances in sweat stimulation, sample collection efficiency, compact sensors, and likely more. Fortunately, none of the remaining challenges appear to be fundamentally blocking, and scientific and engineering innovations have the opportunity to enable broader application of sweat biosensing technology.

Eccrine Systems is Awarded $860K Air Force Contract

Eccrine Systems is Awarded $860K Air Force Contract

September 30, 2015.  Cincinnati, OH.   Eccrine Systems, Inc. has been awarded an $860K multi-year R&D contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory focused on the real-time, non-invasive sensing of sweat biomarkers.  Eccrine will partner with the University of Cincinnati for portions of the project.

Sweating the Big Stuff

  Eccrine Systems mentioned in the The Economist...


Eccrine Systems mentioned in the The Economist...

PEOPLE are born with up to 4m sweat glands to provide a natural way to regulate temperature. The evaporation of perspiration cools you down. As sweat is produced it also picks up a lot of information about how the body is behaving, in the form of “biomarkers”: electrolytes, sugars, amino acids, proteins, hormones and many other molecules that are the products of metabolism. If the tiny traces of these substances can be detected and measured, then it should be possible to monitor a person’s health from his sweat... full article

The Sweat Spot

By: Natalie Bullock
June 30, 2015

Eccrine Systems, a privately held company co-founded by UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems, Jason Heikenfeld, PhD, continues to receive recognition for the pioneering work it is doing with health diagnostics. The startup, spun out of UC in 2013, is Heikenfeld’s third, and a portion of the company is owned by UC, as are many of the patents related to the sweat sensor patch technology...  Full Article

EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati sweat-tech company banks $1M from Ohio

Jun 11, 2015, 3:01pm EDT Updated Jun 11, 2015, 3:30pm EDT

Andy Brownfield, Cincinnati Business Courier

A Cincinnati startup that uses special sensors to learn from the chemicals in sweat has obtained $1 million in a loan from the state of Ohio.  Eccrine Systems is the recipient of a $1 million Commercial Acceleration Loan Fund (CALF) loan from Ohio Third Frontier, which will be announced Thursday afternoon. The loans are given to companies that show a capacity to grow rapidly in a short period of time.  Full article...



Eccrine Systems Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding

Funds will accelerate development of advanced sweat sensors

February 25, 2015 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eccrine Systems, Inc., announced today that it has raised $1.5MM in seed funding. Investors include CincyTech Fund III, management, and other sources within the CincyTech local, regional and national investor community. Formed in late 2013, the advanced sweat sensor company is developing disposable electronic patch systems based on innovative research and intellectual property that originated from the University of Cincinnati and Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base....(full press release).